GC Driving Academy
This course is designed to teach correct attitudes about driving as well as the operation of the vehicle and knowledge of driving laws. The student is required to get a score of 80% to pass the academic (classroom) part of the class. Driving and Attitude will be graded on a pass/fail basis. A failure in one phase will fail the student in the course.

Classroom attendance is required on all the dates enrolled. For classroom absences due to illness or emergency, a make-up class will be scheduled during the next class session. Any no-show on a scheduled drive will require a make-up drive at the cost of $40.00 per hour.

Driving schedules will be distributed during the second class. On the average, students will be driving two to three times per week.  Please be sure to list on the registration form any days and times your student cannot drive.  I will do my best to work around any restrictions but cannot guarantee it.

The driver education permit does not allow a student to operate a motor vehicle on public roadways except when accompanied by a certified driver education instructor and in an approved driver education vehicle until after they successfully complete the driver ed course. Any verified observation of a violation of this rule is an automatic failure and drop from the course.

Students aged 14.5 to 17 years
Successful completion of a Driver Education course
Students under age 17 must complete a supervised driving period of 50 hours including 10 hours of night driving for a period of no less than 6 months with no traffic convictions.  The 6 month period will restart with any traffic violation or restriction violation.
During the supervised driving period, students may only drive with a valid license driver 21 years of age or older sitting in the seat beside the driver    (no other passengers are allowed in the front seat).  All occupants must wear a seat belt.  Students must have their permit in their possession, as well as observe all laws regarding alcohol or other intoxicating substances.
After the supervised driving period students may apply for a Class D driver’s license.  They will be restricted to daylight only driving until age 16.
All licensed drivers under the age of 17 are by law subject to the following penalties:
A warning letter on the first violation
A minimum 30-day suspension for the second violation
A minimum 60-day suspension for a third or subsequent violation

100% Mandatory.  Any class missed must be completed during a scheduled make-up class during the next Driver Ed. session before the permit will be issued. 
Any student tardy more than 10 minutes without calling, will be marked absent.
Any student failing to return to class after a break will be dropped from the class.
Any student failing to show for a scheduled driving lesson without 24 hour notice will be charged a $80.00 re-scheduling fee.

Closed-toe shoes are required on drives in accordance with state law. Students are required to demonstrate good personal hygiene by bathing, brushing teeth and wearing clean clothing especially on drive days.

Students coming to class with no book, paper or writing instrument will be docked 10 points.
Assigned reading MUST BE READ not skimmed and all homework done completely and handed in on time.
Students MUST keep current calendars available and are responsible for knowing their own schedules for class and drive times.
STUDENTS are responsible for communicating with parents regarding changes in schedules.

Since students are graded in three parts: Knowledge, Driving and Attitude, student conduct in essence is graded.  Students are expected to conduct themselves with maturity, responsibility and courtesy.  These are major components to operating a vehicle and must be displayed both in the classroom and in the car.   Students whose conduct displays a lack of maturity, responsibility and courtesy can be docked points for each occurrence and/or parents notified.  If problems persist, the student may be dropped from the course without a refund.
I understand that if I miss a scheduled class during this driver education course for any reason I will be required to make up the missed class containing the same curriculum in the next driver education course scheduled by GC Driving Academy. I understand that my driver education permit will be held by GCDA until I attend the missed class during the next session. I understand that I will be required to wear closed toe, well fitting shoes during my drives and also demonstrate good personal hygiene by bathing, brushing my teeth and wearing clean clothing and I will come with adequate sleep and free from response impairing substances such as cold and allergy medicine, drugs or alcohol.

I understand that my 6 month supervised driving period will not begin until the missed class is made up and my permit is given to my parents.

I understand that I need to be on time for my scheduled drives and if I no-show for a scheduled drive, I am responsible for re-scheduling the drive at an additional cost of $40.00 per hour payable at the re-scheduled drive time. If I trade schedules with another student, I am responsible for communicating the change to my parents.

I understand that there is a ZERO TOLERANCE for cheating.  Anyone found cheating will be given a zero for the day and be required to do a research project that they will present to the class.

By submitting a registration form, I understand and agree to these terms and agreements.