GC Driving Academy

Skills Test

Southwest Idaho Class D Driver's License Skills Testers Ž

You must provide:
1 A road worthy vehicle – current vehicle registration and proof of insurance are required
Idaho Transportation Department, Driver Services, PO Box 7129, Boise ID 83707-1129, (208) 334-8736
1 $17.50 Skills Tester Fee (cash)

Special Test Instructions:
 Please be polite when scheduling your appointment.
 Do not call before 8 AM or after 9 PM.
 If you leave a message, speak slowly and clearly. Include your name and phone number
 Be sure to schedule with only one tester. If you make another appointment, make sure to cancel any other appointment.
 Be courteous, if you find you can’t make your appointment, let the tester know.
 Be considerate by being on time for your test. If you are going to be late, let the tester know. You may have to reschedule your test.

1 If over 17 - signed receipt from licensing office that shows $6.50 skills test fee was paid

1 If under 17 – signed Certificate of Completion of Driver’s Education, signed receipt from licensing office that shows $6.50 skills test fee was paid, and Instruction Permit

If you are in the GDL program and you skills test even one day before your eligibility date, you will have to repay the $6.50 to the county and the $17.50 to a skills tester and retake the skills test
1 Medical Skills Tester Evaluation Form if the skills test is due to a medical or visual condition

Basic vehicle control and driving skills are included in the skills test to determine your ability to handle normal and hazardous traffic situations. Vehicles with proximity sensors can be used for skills tests if the sensors can be turned off.

You will be tested on:
  Normal Stops  Intersections and Turns  Lane Changes  Parking Lot Driving  Street Parking and Backing  Freeway or Highway Driving

You are not required to test in the county where you reside.
Restricted driver’s license skills tests may be administered in locations not shown below.

Jose Ibaibarriaga (also Spanish/Basque) SE Boise 284-6627
Signe Lawton W Boise 870-4122
Jan Johnson N Boise 440-0244
Ria Collins S Boise 794-1852
Steve Miller S Boise 283-8132(cell), 343-7187(home)
Laurie Brown SW Boise 658-0131
Vince Steinberger N & SE Boise 863-5307
Tony Torres NW Boise 899-1775 01-968585-8 12-21-16
West Ada
Ron Kelly Meridian 1-208-896-5578 (Marsing #)
Tom Perryman W Boise, Meridian 866-0042
Chad Arnell (also speaks Spanish) Meridian, Eagle 991-3840
John Gregory Meridian 409-6737
(R) Faith Todd Eagle 249-0645
Curt Hutteball Meridian, W Boise 887-7927
Delray Platt Council 257-3563, 550-9583(cell)
Terry Roedel Idaho City 899-1445
Mark Ross Idaho City 941-6748
John Gregory Nampa 409-6737
Leola Stout Nampa 283-4231
Mark Ross Caldwell, Nampa 941-6748
Homero Pedraza (also speaks Spanish) Nampa 880-4862
Wally Lester Nampa, Caldwell 250-4217
George Christensen Nampa, Wilder 250-5151(cell), 467-5383
Martin Von Rotz Caldwell, Nampa 463-9331
Terry Roedel Caldwell, Nampa 899-1445
Cassandra Walker Mountain Home 283-7023
Jose Ibaibarriaga Mountain Home 284-6627
(also speaks Spanish/Basque)
Linda Hull Emmett 369-0396
Mark Ross Emmett 941-6748
Ron Kelly Marsing 896-5578
Janine Cisler Payette 642-6191
Wes Sessums Fruitland, Payette 405-8914
Greg Stutzman Fruitland 739-0343
Sandy Ryska McCall 630-4190
Delray Platt Weiser, Cambridge 257-3563, 550-9583(cell)
Nicole Clark Weiser 549-4038
Janine Cisler Weiser 642-6191