GC Driving Academy
Middleton * Caldwell * Nampa * Star * Eagle
Our mission is to train safe, confident and courteous drivers through individualized driving instruction. 
Driving Test Practice
Written Test Practice
Held at the beginning of each month in a classroom setting with a live instructor. On-site packet July 2017.4.doc
You work from your own computer at your own pace around your schedule Online Packet July 2017.3.doc
Two hour refresher for preparation to take the state driving exam ​​
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Written Test Practice for preparation for the DMV test. https://dmv-permit-test.com
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  1. ..."just wanted to thank you again for working with my son. He really enjoyed driving with you...he kept saying, "Mom, Camille is so awesome, I had so much fun!".....So thank you. Not sure if you knew, but he has ADD and struggles with learning and you have made a huge impact on him and helped with his confidence! Truly, thank you!" A Grateful Middleton Mom
  2. Thank you for making the class fun and interesting to the kids. I've had two of my six take the class so far and they've loved it!
  3. Miss Camille makes the class fun and it goes by quickly. I learned a lot about driving that I didn't already know.
  4. It's great that you are flexible with the driving times. It's really hard to schedule all the kids' activities so I like that you will work around their schedules. Bravo!
Our goal is to teach driving skills, knowledge of traffic laws and rules of the road. Most importantly, we strive to help students build healthy attitudes about driving and the awesome responsibility of this priviledge.

  • We've been in business since 2003
  • Owner/Instructor has Master's Degree in Education
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Serving Middleton, Caldwell, Nampa, Star and Eagle
  • Classroom: 310 N. Hawthorne St. Middleton (no staff or mail service at this address)
  • Mail goes to:  362 Sherwood St., Middleton 83644
  • Email: gcdrivingacademy@gmail.com
  • Phone: 208-794-0891